Friday, May 20, 2011

11 - Koester / Bicker ? - 2GP4

2012 Feb: While in Salt Lake City at RootsTech, at the Family History Library I located the 1911 death record for Mary Koester, which provided the following new info:
- father listed as Herman Bicker; mother not included; reconfirms all born in Germany
- Mary arrived at age 17 (difference between listed age of 83 & years USA & NY 66)
Listed age of 83 would mean Mary born in 1827 which only fits with 1910 census, but not earlier censuses of 1880 & 1900 which both indicate that Mary was born in 1841, and husband in 1830.
Using 1841 as birth year, then Mary's arrival at age 17 would be approx. 1858, just preceding birth of daughter Louisa in New York in approx. 1858 also.

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